All kinds of situation can build up irritation and fatigue that causes stress. Stress in such situations means pressure, conflict, loss of control, and uncertainty. It can be dealing with difficult problems at work or even unhappy relationships, stress over finances, nerve wrecking situations like job interviews, auditions and even sitting for an examination. Unemployment, bereavement of loved ones and friends, emotional turmoil and simple every day situations like being stuck in a traffic jam and even waiting for test results can add to stress. These feelings can lead to a variety of problems for all members of a family too.

When stressed, your body creates extra energy to protect itself. This additional energy cannot be destroyed. If not used, it creates an imbalance within your system. Somehow the energy must be channeled into responses to regain a balance. Stress is your body’s physical and psychological response to anything you perceive as overwhelming. This may be viewed as a result of life’s demands, pleasant or unpleasant, and your lack of resources to meet them.

Stress is a natural part of your life. Without some stress you would lose your energy for living. You will thrive on certain amounts; but too much or too little stress will limit your effectiveness. Ideally, you find your optimal level of stress—the balance at which you are most motivated.

In all of these cases, you can not deal with the cause of the stress, at least not quickly enough. As a result, the stress persists and begins to take its toll on:

Your health
When you 'gear up' under stress, your body begins to do more of some things and less of others. For example, blood circulation increases, but digestion slows down or even stops. Once the stress ends, your body goes to work to restore the balance. However, if stress returns too soon, your body will never have time to get back on an even keel. Eventually, this can lead to major health problems. Some, like heart disease and ulcers, can put you in hospital. Others (sleeplessness, headaches, poor digestion) are less acute, but still serious.

Your relations with other people
Under stress, most people become so wrapped up in their own problems that they forget about everyone else. At the same time, they begin to take out their feelings on family and friends.
The result can be bad feelings between family members, along with the loss of friends. As well, stress quickly becomes a family problem, not just your own.

Your efficiency in your work
For a short time, stress can make you a better, more efficient worker. However, over the long haul, it will gradually wear you down. You will become physically weaker and begin to tire easily. At the same time, you will find it difficult to concentrate and will begin to make poor management decisions. Because of weariness and lack of concentration, you also will become much more accident-prone.

More stress
Stress will have a snowballing effect, because all of the problems it causes -- health, family, and work -- will become new troubles in your life.

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