Stress Natural Cure

Ayurveda approach


In Ayurveda, stress can induce an imbalance of vata, pitta and kapha, depending on the person’s constitution.

Vata persons under stress have reactions that include fearfulness, anxiety, anxiety neurosis and even phobias.

Pitta people get increased pitta during stressful situations and become angry. They may have peptic ulcer, hypertension, ulcerative colitis and other pitta disorders.

Kapha individuals may get increased blood sugar that may result diabetes, underactive thyroid function, slow metabolism, overeating habits that may lead to obesity.

· Relax
Learn to take a break and relax.Take long, deep breaths and stay calm and cool to prevent stress build up during potential stressful situations. Give yourself a massage. Use a few drops of warm oil and rub on your body, from head to toe.

Vata persons should use: sesame oil
Pitta person should use: sunflower oil
Kapha persons should use: corn oil

Take a hot shower after your massage. You can also benefit from positive imagery, chanting, praying and even singing. Meditation and regular yoga exercises are just as effective to reduce and remove your stress.

· Monitor your negative thoughts
Fear is always why people have stress. When you have negative thoughts, look at them and replace them with positive ones. Changing your perception and attitude can alleviate much of the stress. Be more optimistic.

· Stress analysis
Set apart all the stressful things in your life into two categories. The first category are things you can do something about and the other, the things you cannot. If there is a solution, get it done, if not, accept defeat and seek help. If help is unavailable, surrender to it and find peace.

· Examine your purpose and objectives
Find the right balance between your personality and your job. When work and personality are not appropriately matched, job stress can become unbearable. When you love what you do at work, there will be no stress, otherwise, it can be a burden.

Find your true objectives and goal and find comfort and joy in your work.

Below are some Ayurveda remedies to help you deal with stress:

· Cry
If grief and sadness is casuing you stress, give yourself a good cry is a great way of releasing tension and stress.

· Ujjayi pranayama breathing exercise
Deep calm breathing exercises, ujjayi pranayama is helpful for relieving stress. Lie on your back in a Savasana (rest pose) or sit up and do this breathing exercise.

· Yoga stretches
The following asanas are great for managing stress: the Shoulder Stand, the Lion pose, Plow pose, Locust pose and Spinal Twist.

· Have a good laugh
Try to laugh. Laughing is a good way to relieve tension and stress. If you find it hard at first, watch a comedy film or be with friends and have a laugh. Real laughter will eventually come and you will feel a lot of tension and stress alleviated from you.

· Meditation
Do the Easy pose or sit in the Lotus pose facing east, and meditate. Listen to your breathing flow in and out or do the So-Hum meditation.

Start your week with a meditation, as people tend to experience a little more stress on Mondays, just after the rest from the weekend. A lot of heart attacks have been reported to occur on Mondays.

Remember that Monday is the day of the moon and the moon represents the mind. Before you go to work, start your Monday morning and your week with 15 to 20 minute of meditation. Regular meditation every day in the morning and evening helps keep your stress level low and well balanced.

· Stress reducing tea
Tea has a soothing effect and the following types of tea are effect in helping you relax and relive stress.

· Brahmi tea
Make ½ teaspoon Brahmi tea with a cup of boiling water.

· Herbal tea
Make equal amounts of these herbs for the herbal tea:

Shanka pushti

Use ½ teaspoon of this mixture and steep in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes. Drink twice or 3 times a daily for stress management

· Chamomile, comfrey and angelica
Make a tea from equal amounts of chamomile, comfrey and angelica.

· Relaxing oil rubs
Massage a little brahmi oil on your scalp and the soles of your feet at bedtime.

· Nasya nose drops
Put 5 drops of brahmi ghee or plain ghee into each nostril.

· Relaxing bath
Put ½ cup ginger and 1/3 cup baking powder to a tub of hot water for a soothing bath. It’s great for healing and relaxation.

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