Smoking Natural Cure

Ayurveda approach

When a smoker has the right amount of nicotine toxicity to maintain proper functioning of the brain and normal digestion and elimination, he becomes addicted to nicotine. Another reason that makes smoking an addiction is dependency on nicotine to relieve emotional disturbances, stress and anxiety. Over time, smokers habitually rely on cigarettes like their comfort ‘friend’.

To stop this addiction, Ayurveda remedic objectives are to detoxify toxicity and rid nicotine, and manage stress.

· Herbal cigarettes
Wean yourself away from smoking by making this herbal mixture of:

Rose petal powder

Take out 1/3 of the tobacco from a few sticks of your cigarettes and replace them with this mixture. Whenever you feel like a smoke, smoke the herbal mix cigarettes but stop when you reach the tobacco. Eventually, the desire to smoke will begin to diminish and this helps to reduce stress levels and detoxify your body from nicotine.

· Herbal tea
The next time you feel stress, make this herbal tea to help you relax while it relieves the urge to smoke. You beed the following to make the tea:

1 part chamomile
1 part jatamamsi
1 part brahmi

Mix 1 teaspoon of this mixture and steep for few minutes in a cup of hot water. Take sips of this tea for better relieve.

· Dried pineapple chew
Chew some dried pineapple mixed with ½ teaspoon honey every time you think of lighting a cigarette.

· Overwhelming brahmi
Put a few drops of brahmi ghee straight into your cigarette when you are about to light your cigarette. The smoke will produce an overwhelming aroma and taste and stop your urge to smoke.

· Breathing exercise
The Breath of Fire or pranayama breathing exercise is an effective way to help you quit smoking.

· Meditation
Try the Empty Bowl meditation to help you manage your stress. When stress is reduced, you will feel less compelled to smoke.

· Yoga postures
The Moon Salutation sequences, bow, Shoulder Stand, Plow and Palm tree as well as the Locust pose too can be helpful.

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