Osteoporosis NAtural cure

Ayurveda approach

Increased vata causes the thinning and increasing poroxity of the bone, resulting osteoporosis.

Testosterone and prostatic secretion and estrogen are vital for maintaining strong bones for men. But men are more prone to bone loss due to bad lifestyle habits that includes smoking, excessive alcohol, taking steroids and lack of exercise. As women grow older, vata increases and the postmenopausal body produces less or no estrogen necessary for maintaining bone metabolism and using calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals for bone growth, all contribute to a deleterious effect on bone mass.

Below are some ways you can improve your condition:

· Calcium
Get a sufficient supply of calcium from natural food source and mineral supplements. Food with calcium content include sesame seeds, carrots, soybeans and soy milk, coconut, cheese and cow’s milk. Calcium supplements derived from oyster shells may be helpful. Keep your daily dose of mineral supplements for maximum absorption and effectiveness. Recommended dose as follows:

1,200 mg calcium
600 mg magnesium
60 mg zinc

· Chewing sesame seeds
Chew a handful of white sesame seeds every morning that gives you at least 1,200 mg of natural calcium. Dependency on calcium from dairy products may clog arteries but white sesame seeds, rich in calcium, won’t. This is a great supplement to help prevent osteoporosis.

· Almond milk
Almond combined with goat’s milk has a significant amount of calcium. Peel 10 almonds that have been soaked over night and blend them with a cup of warm goat’s milk. You can substitute cow’s milk if you like. Pour them into a glass, adding a pinch of cardamom, saffron and ginger. Drink before breakfast and another time before going to bed.

· Herbal formula with milk
The following herbs can help to constitute for estrogen in the metabolic cycle, being food processors of estrogen and progesterone. You need:

2 parts wild yam
3 parts vidari
5 parts shatavari

Add 1/8 part each of shanka bhasma, conch shell ash, which contains natural calcium bicarbonate and can be helpful in preventing osteoporosis. Use ¼ teaspoon of this formula with warm milk twice daily. You can substitute soy milk, if preferred. Treat yourslef to this every day as a daily maintenance dose to prevent osteoporosis and keep your bones strong and healthy.

· Exercise
Calcium itself is not enough, you also need to destress through activity. Exercise and light sports like gentle jogging, swimming and even walking are some great ways to help you to relax and keep your bones healthy. Exercise is food for the bones and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week can help treat osteoporosis.

Keep exercises light or do one that suits your condition of your bones and level of fitness. A slight injury can be dangerous for an osteoporosis patient so ask your doctor for recommendations. You may start simple exercise program underwater and gradually move to weight-bearing exercises and gentle weight lifting as your bone becomes stronger.

· Gentle yoga posture
Do simple yoga postures should you develop osteoporosis. Exercise great care and do these poses gently.

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