Muscle cramps Natural Cure

Ayurveda approach

In Ayurveda, muscles cramps or spasms are simply caused by vata dosha. Increased by mobile, rough or cold qualities, Vata makes a muscle hard and stiff, unable to relax and goes into a spasm.

· Instant relief
When you experience a spasm or muscle cramp, here’s what you can do to increase circulation and help the muscle relax:

· Grab hold of the spasm
· Simultaneously, press your index finger deeply into the ‘centre’ (the bulging central of the muscle) for 15 to 20 minutes. Its like a marma point, an acupressure point found in the centre of the muscle and pressing on it helps the muscle to relax.
· Take in deep breaths

· Contract and relax exercise
Alternate and repeat contracting and relaxing exercises to improve circulation and help release lactic acid, which will relax the muscles.

· Massage
Apply a little oil to the stomach muscle and massage gently. You can use Mahanarayan oil, sesame oil or other oil for massage. Massaging the painful cramped muscle will help relax muscle fibres, pacify the vata and improve circulation. This will give relieve to the spasm. After the massage, apply a little heat by using a hot water bottle and press it over the muscles to sooth and heal the muscle pain.

Vata people in winter, exposed to cold are susceptible to getting cramped muscles. Rubbing Mahanarayan oil and applying heat after the massage can help.

· Pressure point remedy
Another acupressure point is found at the midpoint of both the lips. Apparently, these energy points on the lips transmit messages to the brain, signaling the motor system to relax the muscles.

When you have a spasm on the upper part of the body like the arm or fingers, grab hold of the middle of your upper lip between your index finger and thumb. If spasm is in the legs or lower part of the body, do the same but grab the middle of the lower lips instead. Both both of these points, continue holding for about half a minute and pressure should be fairly strong but not hard enough to cause pain. This should relieve the spasm.

· Relaxing herbal tea
Make a tea using equal amounts of chamomile tea, confrey tea and jatamamsi tea (1/3 teaspoon each) to hep relax your muscles. You can use the tea individually.

· Ginger soak
If you have a cramp in the foot, have a ginger soak. Put 1 or 3 tablespoons of salt in a bucket of warm water and add ¼ cup of hot ginger powder and 2/3 cup baking soda per tubful of water. This is an effective way for relaxing muscles.

Remedy for abdominal cramps
Abdominal cramps may be linked with muscle cramps and eating a big meal, or lifting too heavy a load, putting a strain on the abdominal muscles may cause it. Other causes include acid indigestion, gas in the stomach or constipation.

· Herbal antacid formula

¼ teaspoon guduchi
½ teaspoon shatavatari
a pinch of shanka brasma

Take this whole amount 1 or 2 times a day after food.

· Shankavati herbal compound
Take 1 200 mg Shankavati tablet after dinner.

· Warm milk
The akaline property in milk helps pacify acidity in abdominal cramps. Besides, milk is also a good source of calcium, which helps muscles relax. Take a cup of warm milk at bedtime to help dispel spasm in the stomach or acid irritation. If you are lactose intolerant, take low lactose milk.

· Hingwastak churna
This helps relieve abdominal muscle cramps but may create some gas. Take ¼ teaspoon 2 times after lunch and dinner.

· Garlic compound
Also known as Lagsunadivati, garlic helps relax muscles and calms the vata dosha, relieving pain from the muscle cramps. You can use it for both smooth muscle cramps or skeletal muscle spasm. Take 1 tablet after dinner for 5 consecutive days. Odorless garlic tablets are also helpful but take as prescribed on the package.

· Triphala drink
See below.

Prevention for muscle cramps and spasm
· Dashamoola tea
Steep ½ teaspoon dashamoola powder in a cup of warm water for a few minutes. Take a cup or two of the tea every Saturday as a preventive measure to avoid future cramps.

· Yogaraj guggulu
· Vata in the muscles is the root cause of muscle cramps. Taking a yogaraj guggulu tablet of 200 mg, 2 to 3 times daily for about a month will effectively pacify vata.

· Triphala drink
You can improve absorption of calcium by taking this drink very early in the morning or at night before bed. Use ½ teaspoon triphala powder for every cup of boiling water. It is also helpful in relieving gas in the stomach and prevent getting muscle cramps in the abdomen.

· Mineral supplements
If you have muscle cramps often, you may lack calcium or your body is not absorbing enough calcium from your diet. Take some supplements of calcium, zinc and magnesium at bedtimes as prescribed. The formula should contain approximately a dose of 1,200 mg of calcium, 600 mg of magnesium and 60 mg of zinc.

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