migraine Natural cure

Ayurveda approach

In Ayurveda, migraine is most frequent in systematic pitta, moving into the cardiovascular system and circulation and effects the blood vessels around the brain. Pitta’s hot, sharp quality dilates the blood vessels and form pressure on the nerves, resulting this painful condition. However, migraine headaches can sometimes result from vata and kapha imbalance.

The remedies below can help relieve migraines:

· Pitta – pacifying diet
Follow a pitta-soothing diet. Avoid spicy food, sour or citrus fruits and fermented food like bean curd, soy sauce, cheese and even wine. Adhere to a pitta-pacifying diet is both effective as a prevention and relieve from migraines.

· Herbal Mix
Here’s a herbal mix that is especially formulated for pitta type migraines and it is helpful in relieving migraines. You need:

3 parts jatamamsi
3 parts musta
4 parts brahmi
5 parts shatavari

Take ½ teaspoon wit hlukewarm water, twice daily after breakfast and dinner.

· Preventive breakfast
Some people get migraines in the afternoon and disappears by the evenings. A preventive meal taken in the morning can effective help reduce pitta and prevent migraines from occurring. Take this delicious breakfast first thing in the morning:

Take a ripe banana, peel and chop into pieces. Add a teaspoon date sugar, a teaspoon ghee and sprinkle a pinch of cardamom on top.

· Cooling Pranayama
Shitali is a cooling breathing exercise that can be beneficially helpful.

· Yoga postures
Try one of these:
- the Hidden Lotus
- Boat pose
- Bow pose
- Spinal Twist, Palm Tre pose
- Standing on the Toes

The above yoga exercises can be help but do not do the Moon Salutation if you have a migraine.

· Healing Yawn
This simple yawn can relieve the pressure on the blood vessels and help relieve pain. When you have a migraine, simply squeeze your earlobes gently, pulling down the ears and yawn.

· Brahmi ghee nose drops
When you have a migraine, put 3 drops of warm brahmi ghee in each nostril to help relieve the pain.

· Be in the shade, away from direct sun
Avoid any exposure to direct sunlight. Migraine headaches are mainly a pitta disorder and are affected by hot sun. The penetrating rays escalate pitta in the cardiovascular system and dilate the blood vessels in the brain that results a migraine. If you have work or be in the sun, wear a hat or be in the shade.

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