Natural Impotence Cure

Ayurveda approach

In the ayurveda approach, there are several ways to treat impotence from strengthening drinks to massages.

To be taken
· Strengthening Herbal formula drink
Here’s a herbal drink containing a mix of herbs and garlic. The combination of this drink with garlic helps alleviate impotence by improving blood supply and increase the dilation of the blood vessels.

Some fresh garlic
Warm milk
Equal proportions of:
- Ashwagandha
- Bala
- Vidari

Heat the milk, adding the mixture. Then put in freshly chopped garlic pieces. Take care not to over boil the milk.

Take 1 teaspoon of the mixture in warm milk twice a day for 3 months.

· Relaxing tranquility tea
Perfect for those whose impotence is caused by psychological reasons like anxiety or fear, this tranquility tea contains herbs like jatamamsi, brahmi and shanka pushpi.

Equal proportions of:
- Jatamamsi
- Brahmi
- Shanka pushpi

Make tea using ½ teaspoon of this mixture and take it an hour before going to bed.

· Mild aphrodisiac drink
Saffron has been a known aphrodisiac that helps to increase sperm count.

A cup of warm milk
A pinch of saffron

Add saffron to your warm milk every night

To be applied
· Herbalized Oil
Apply a few drops of bala oil or ashwagandha oil directly on penis and massage gently. You can also use mahanarayan oil.

Massage to the pubic area or lower part of your abdomen, too is a simple yet effective remedy that will improve the circulation and may altogether get rid of the problem.

· Prostate massage
Like the massage to the penis and pubic area, massaging above the prostate gland, the area between scrotum and anus, helps improve circulation. Use any of the herbalized oil recommended above but if you do not have these oils, you can substitute plain ghee.

Start the massage with a circular motion and complete it with strokes from the anus toward the base of the penis using light pressure.

· Exercise
Some yoga exercises may help like the Rooster pose is particularly beneficial. Sit in a way that pressured is applied on the prostrate gland. You can also try Elevated Lotus, Vajrasana, Chakra Asana, and the Bow pose.

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