Natural Baldness Cure

Ayurveda approach

In Ayurveda, early hair loss is due to body type and imbalance of the doshas. Excess pitta at the root, in the sebaceous glands, or folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles), can cause hair loss. Hence, persons with excess pitta in their body or those who are pitta types tend to lose their crown glory in life. Hair becomes thin and even gray.

Nourishing food for the hair is vital for healthy hair but it is also important to remove excess pitta.

· Aloe Vera Drink
Take 1/3 cup of aloe vera juice, or some aloe vera gel with a pinch of cumin 3 times a day. Drink this for about 3 months.

· Nourishing diet
To keep your hair healthy, include diary products like cheese, yogurt and milk. If, you do not digest diary products well, take calcium supplements which also contains zinc and magnesium. They can also benefit your skin, bones and teeth. Coconut, cooked apples, cabbage, white radish and rakon are also useful.

· Supplements
As mentioned above, taking mineral supplements too can improve the condition of your hair. Choose a supplement that contains approximately the following daily dosage of:

Zinc 60 mg.
Magnesium 600 mg.
Calcium 1,200 mg.

Take them before bedtime with some water.

· Sesame Power
These humble but powerful white sesame seeds are a great source of nourishment for your hair. A handful of these contain 1,200 mg. of calcium and magnesium.

· Herbs for Hair
The following herbal formula is a great nourishment for healthy hair. It also helps build up bones and teeth.

3 parts jatamamsi
4 parts bhringaraj
5 parts dashamoola

Add ½ teaspoon of this herbal mixture to a cup of goat’s milk, heated to a boil and drink before bedtime.

Head massages too can help reduce and pacify pitta, and improve hair condition. The massages itself improves blood circulation at the root of the hair, bringing more nutrients to encourage hair growth.

· Brahmi or bhringaraj oil
Massage the scalp with either of brahmi or bhringaraj oil can help prevent hair loss. Do this before going to bed and wear a hair cap to prevent staining on your pillow.

· Coconut Oil Massage
This is especially good to pacify pitta. Rub some coconut oil on your scalp and the soles of your feet before going to bed. Wear a hair cap or wrap your head with a towel, and put on old socks on your feet to avoid any stains on your pillow and bed.

· Vitamin E oil
Another good source of preventing or slowing hair loss is vitamin E oil. Massage your hair with it gently, paying attention to the thinning area on the scalp.

· Neck and Shoulder Massage
You can also extend these massages to your neck and shoulders to loosen the muscles, relief pain, reduce stress and stiffness. Stress and stiffness in the neck and whiplash from car accidents can also be the cause of hair loss. Give your neck and shoulders a light massage before a shower.

Here are more ways to relieve stress from the neck and shoulders that can result in hair loss:

· Neck Exercises
Simple neck exercises help loosen tension from your neck and help you to relax. You can do this at the office and even in your car, waiting for traffic.

Turn your head to the left 3 times, to the right 3 times and lifting it up 3 times, moving it down towards the chest 3 times. Then roll it gently in a circle 3 times in each direction.

· Yoga for Neck
Try the Shoulder Stand, Camel pose, Cobra pose and Cow pose to help relief tension from the neck. This has an affect in keeping hair healthy.

· Meditation
Meditation can also be effective in reducing stress and tension, not just the neck and shoulders but the whole body. Try sitting quietly and listen to your breathing or do the Empty Bowl meditation.

· Tea for Anti-stress
Try this herbal tea to help you deal with stress. Make tea with equal portions of jatamamsi and brahmi. Add 1 teaspoon of this mix to a cup of hot water, steep and drink twice or 3 times a day.

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