low libido treatment

Usual Cure

If you experience symptoms related to low testosterone including fatigue, poor mood, reduced libido and sexual function, and lack of motivation or have tested to have low testosterone without excess levels, the good news is that there are ways you can overcome loss of libido. Common treatment includes new drugs and therapies, or counseling.

Low testosterone levels can cause decreased libido and impotence. A testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is often effective in treating such symptoms. For women, testosterone may be considered as part of HT treatment. Whilst experiencing a loss of libido together with tiredness, may benefit from testosterone.

If you have a low libido, talk with your health care provider about treatments that could help you. Don't be embarrassed. Being honest and getting help now can help you relax and enjoy an even better relationship with your partner.

It is also important to recognise the reason for the symptoms is unrelated to other factors as outlined above, including the person’s relationship with the partner.

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