Diabetes Information

Health condition

People with diabetes may have high or low blood sugar in their blood and those with Type 1 diabetes may suffer from the following symptoms:

· urinate often
· be very thirsty
· be very hungry
· lose a lot of weight
· be very tired
· be irritable
· have blurred vision
· have trouble seeing

While Type 2 diabetic people may experience the following symptoms:

· any of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes
· a lot of infections cuts or bruises that heal slowly
· tingling or numbness in the hands or feet
· skin, gum or bladder infections that keep coming back

If not treated, diabetes can cause:

· High blood sugar (which could make you thirsty, tired, lose weight, urinate often, give you infections that won't go away)

· Warning: Low Blood Sugar! People with diabetes may develop low blood sugar because their blood has too much insulin or other blood sugar-lowering medication or from not eating enough food.

Low blood sugar could make you shaky, dizzy, sweaty, hungry, have a headache, have pale skin color, have sudden mood or behavior changes, have clumsy or jerky movements, have difficulty paying attention, feel confused, or have tingling sensations around the mouth.

· Many serious health problems (which could hurt your eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart)

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