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As I searched the web for the best selling books for Ayurveda, I discovered a list of Top 10 Best Selling Ayurveda Books from Amazon.com.

The first on the list is the ¡°The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies: A comprehensive guide to the ancient healing of India¡±, written by Vasant Lad. This book contains natural alternatives to conventional medicines and treatments with practical advice and easy-to-follow instructions. An invaluable guide to treating common ailments and chronic problems, based on your prakruti. This got the highest rating among other Ayurveda books.

Second on the list is the ¡°Perfect Health (Revised Edition), Dr. Deepak Chopra as the author of this book. The book depicted how breakthroughs in physics and medicine were emphasizing the validity of a 5,000-year-old medical system from ancient India known as Ayurveda. This also describes how to apply the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to everyday life. In this new edition the author revised and updated the latest medical research.

The third best selling book is the ¡°Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing¡±, written by Usha Las and Vasant Lad. The book contains the authentic guide of the Ayurvedic approach to food and tasty vegetarian cooking. The recipes are formulated using herbs and spices to help balance the constitution of each person. Ayurvedic kitchen and planning menus with more than 100 recipes of delicious Ayurvedic cuisine.

Fourth is ¡°Ayurveda, the Science of Self-healing: A Practical Guide¡±. The writer of this book is also Dr.Vansant Lad. It is mainly concerned with presenting a basic over-view of Ayurveda including the techniques. This best-selling book clearly explains the history, principles and practical applications of Ayurveda.

The fifth on the list is ¡°Ayurveda Herbal Massage: Rejuvenating, Toning, and Healing with an Easy to do Self-massage Programme¡±. This book is authored by Gita Ramesh. This book brings to you one of the oldest-known therapies for rejuvenating the body, toning the muscles, improving blood circulation, repairing worn-out tissues, removing toxins and knocking off fat. The medicinal value of herbal oils used in Ayurvedic massage has multifarious advantages over normal massage.

Sixth, ¡°The Ayurveda Encyclopedia: Natural Secrets to Healing, Prevention, and Longevity written by Swami Sadashiva Tirtha (Author) This handbook describes the theories and practices of Ayurvedic medicine including the therapeutic benefits of aromas, foods, herbs, meditation, yoga, and more. This has a section that clarifies the simplicity of healing naturally and offers counsel towards an improved sense.

¡®Quick and Easy Ayurvedic Cookbook¡¯, is the seventh on the list, written by Eileen Keavy Smith (Author) his excellent Ayurvedic cookbook allows you to easily implement Ayurvedic principles in your cooking and improve your health without devoting long hours of study to the subject or breaking your budget. Learn how to cure insomnia and indigestion, even mood swings, just by making food choices based on your Ayurvedic constitution. The recipes include familiar favorites - such as baked apples, chicken burgers, and potato salad - making it a practical addition to your kitchen and home. This refreshed edition has an updated preface, a new layout and a new cover with 4-color photography.

The eight on the list is ¡®Boost Your Vitality with Ayurveda: Teach Yourself ¡®Sarah Lie (Author). This book contains a complete list of effective home remedies for minor ailments, and a full guide to all the country's practitioners and everything you need for a healthy and happy way of life.

The Chopra Centre Cookbook comes in the ninth place in the best Ayurveda books. This is written by Deepak Chopra MD, David Simon and Leanne Backer. This book features more than 200 appetizing breakfast dishes, snacks and desserts that take the guesswork out of choosing food that is good for the body, as well as 30 days of balanced meal plans.

And the tenth place, Anjum's Eat Right for Your Body Type: The Super-healthy Detox Diet Inspired by Ayurveda. The author of this book is Anjum Anand. In his book the author discusses the three Ayurvedas body types (doshas) and their connection to food and health. It also contains the 75 recipes for getting back the natural and healthy body shapes and the three Ayurvedic detox options, food charts and healthy meal tips.

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